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Career roadmaps - Wordpress

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01 Sep 2019

About the brief

Hi there,

I need a quote for web development work. This needs to be hosted on wordpress; but the code is unique from the developers who built the site. The developers are based in Amsterdam, but will train you on how to use the custom code.


Create career pathways/roadmaps for our website which will show a user the levels of a progression within a job role. The boxes need to be blank so we can fill in ourselves, but highlight the pathway likey.html it needs to work for mobile and be an embedded section on our website course pages like Example 1 above.

Example wireframe/build: The first row is the feeder/from row. This row will contain all the roles that will lead into the chosen role which is shown prominently on the second row. The third row will contain roles that the current role can lead into. The last row will list roles that are not shown on the other rows but are part of the current career path, this way you can still access roles that are excluded by the selected role. Clicking a role will put it in the “selected role” position on the second row and rearrange the other roles accordingly.

This is just an example, but you might have other ideas of how the roadmap could be built. An interactive PDF like Example 2 above could work well.

We won't use any API information so it's mainly using hover/click to link to the next X amount of boxes from beginner to expert job roles. The box should include job role and potentially the course needed to get to that position.

DEADLINE FOR IMPLEMENTATION IS 31 SEPTEMBER (including feedback and tweaking from us)

Please email me for any more info needed.

£20,000 aprox


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