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15 Sep 2019

About the brief

I am conducting research on how to develop an app from start-up to publication, to be released on both IOS and Android preferably.

To that end, I have had an idea for a mobile game that I would like developed to a minimum prototype level and possibly published to aid my research.

Whether successful or not, the findings from the app will hopefully aid future work.

I am a former software tester, and now a business analyst with project manager experience, but my coding skills are unfortunately lacking. To that end, I would like to work with somebody who enjoys making apps (perhaps as a pastime) that are viable, with a view to launching my app on iOS and Android. My preference would be to work with somebody in or near Brighton and the surrounding areas before I look further afield.

I would pay the developer for their time, and if they were happy to work collaboratively at the start or later I would be open to discussions concerning partnership.

Budget is open for discussion based on expertise and proposed solution.

Note that for protection, NDA's may be required.

Thank you for reading.



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