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3D Scanning and Modelling Process

Design and Creative
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28 Nov 2019

About the brief

3 separate challenges within this brief

Closing holes in a 3D Mesh

Find an alternative piece of software which can more intelligently close holes in a 3D mesh,

which will then require little to no refinement by the 3D modelling team.

Swatch Scanning Method

To try and establish a more standardised predictable workflow.

The output of this would hopefully be a series of colour accurate texture maps, produced under controlled

conditions with identical results every time with a reduced involvement from texture artists and less

emphasis placed on personal judgement (currently, post scanning, digital colour is checked against

physical sofa / swatches in studio)

3D / Content Management System

- To have one system that can be used from the start to the finish of a range launch, range

extension, range refresh which will hold all data required

- A production board (Gannt chart like function)

- To ensure that we can measure output from the team as a whole and also as individuals

Circa £10-£30K (tbc)


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