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Videographer/editor needed for upcoming digital festival

Content Creation
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Freelancer, Company
24 Jan 2020

About the brief

We’re looking for a videographer/editor (agency or freelancer) for our three-day digital skills festival, taking place in April 2020. Ideally, you will have knowledge and experience in filming/editing industry talks and event highlight reels.


1. An overview video (1-2 minutes) of the three days with clips from each event and sound bites from speakers and attendees. The purpose of this video is to showcase activity from across the festival and to highlight the importance and benefits of the festival to the digital sector. The tone should be light and friendly but informative.

2. Videos of approximately 12 talks. Shots to include speaker and presenter slides, either by cutting in the slides or having a split-screen. You would need to liaise with the venue/s (which we can facilitate) to make sure you have everything required to record/mix the audio.

3. 10 vox pops of answers to pre-agreed questions.

4. In addition to the edited videos, also provide raw footage for us to use in future marketing.


- The videos should have an animated intro/outro. They should also incorporate the festival branding (logo, typography, colour palette), which we will provide.

- There is a requirement for the supplier to ensure that we have the rights to use the footage provided.

- The budget allows for prep and recce time and 2 rounds of edits.


- Monday 27th April 18:00 - 20:30

- Wednesday 29th April 11:00 - 17:00

- Thursday 30th April 08:30 - 13:30

Please send a link to some of your previous work.

£3,500 + VAT


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