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Interactive Designer needed

Content Creation, Design and Creative
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Freelancer, Company
01 Apr 2020

About the brief

We are looking for help from an interactive designer, to produce an interactive version of an exhibition stand. The stand in real life is quite small – about 20 sqm (7m x3m). The 3D model already exists and may need further work to reduce down the size of the polygons.

The end result I am after is an interactive 3D model than can be rotated and navigated in 3D space. There are to be perhaps 4 hotspots on the stand where there are TV screens. Let’s assume 2 can be clicked on to provide a pop-up piece of video content, and 2 have pop ups of PDF content. Probably the content wants to be downloadable.

The means of access for the content will likely need to be via a web browser, and as such it should be really easy to access for the end user from a web link (nothing that needs to be downloaded). Most users will probably access this via their laptop and possibly via their tablets and phones also.

There also wants to be a digital frame of some sort around the viewable 3d content to have the client’s logo and perhaps some other information.

This is an area of work that I am not familiar with so it will be a learning curve for me. I look forward to hearing from freelancers or companies who would be interested.

Approx £5k


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