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Developer needed for Appointment Module Build

Business, Websites
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Haywards Heath
18 May 2020

About the brief

We are looking for someone to help build the appointment module in a new meeting platform for the Film & TV industry

The module needs to do the following:

• Allow each user to book meetings within their own individual calendar

• An overview page for each user to see all of their upcoming meetings

• For each meeting, generate a unique link for each invited attendee to join the meeting at the specified time

• The option to send emails to each attendee with details of the meeting and their unique join link. These emails would ideally include an ICS file attached

• The ability to select meetings and download a file containing the unique links so that they can be sent outside the system

This module will be built upon our existing proof of concept, primarily written with PHP and the Laravel framework.

There is a portion of JavaScript used for the meeting sessions.

We anticipate this to be around one week's worth or work, so have budgeted approximately £2,000 but we are also open to rates on application.

Approx £2,000 / please provide rates


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