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Cross-platform App Developer

Design and Creative
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Portslade, Brighton
06 Jul 2020

About the brief

Seeking a Cross-platform Developer for an Android app, with expertise in React Native or Unity. The timeframe is 4-6 weeks, delivery by Wednesday August 19, 2020.


A native mobile application:

- Provided as a standalone Android APK that can be installed locally.

- Compatible with Android 9 and greater

- Tested as working with a specified Android phone. Probably a 2020 Moto E

- Tested as working with wired and wireless Bluetooth audio headsets

- Tested as working with a server API which will be provided by us

- A Gitlab code repository, containing all application source code

- Documentation, giving specifications of any data structures and an introduction to the application structure and repository file system.


Estimated 4-6 weeks, delivery by Wednesday August 19, 2020


While this mobile application is for a specific Android phone, the roadmap is to develop a cross-platform application distributed via the App Store and Google Play.

We hope to support the application in app stores for a minimum of 5 years. With this in mind, we are looking to work with a well supported cross platform development framework compatible with iOS and Android.



- Provide all text, graphic and audio assets for the application.

- Provide a working server API for uploading, searching and downloading recordings.

- A test Android device for development.

- Timely feedback following development milestones.

- Support with application testing where required.


- Be free to work remotely, though expected to attend scheduled meetings on Slack.

- Work under direction of us and our Project Manager.

- Liaise with our Project Manager to agree appropriate milestones and development tickets in Gitlab, and procedures for tracking progress.

- Liaise with our Software Lead on questions of technical implementation.

- Provide your own development equipment (apart from a test phone provided by us)



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