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Website developer needed to create simple website

Design and Creative, Websites
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Freelancer, Company
24 Sep 2020

About the brief

Currently, information about our work sits on separate websites, so we would like a developer to help build a very small standalone website to showcase our work more effectively.

We are looking for a very simple site build and design. We would like to add the content ourselves through the CMS.

Project requirements:

· CMS which can be easily edited by those with minimal IT knowledge (members have experience of using Squarespace and Wordpress, for example).

· Simple, visual and engaging structure and style (we have a logo and basic brand guidelines to inform this as well as a decent bank of photography although we may want to add to this to support this project)

· Cohesive look despite showcasing the work of a range of individual organisations who have their own branding/ look and feel

· Basic functions like news section and enquiry forms

Audiences/ aims of the site

· Potential participants – friendly and accessible information about how they can get involved

· Potential / existing referrers – professional information for those who support vulnerable clients and want to help them get involved in our projects

· Organisations/ businesses who are seeking to organise group activities

· Other audiences (lower priority) include people wishing to volunteer for our organisations, students and researchers interested in this work, potential funders

Please get in touch with your rates/expected quote.

Please provide rates


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