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Freelance eLearning QA tester required

Technical Help
Suitable for:
UK based homeworking
02 Oct 2020

About the brief

We're looking for an experienced freelance tester to work on a number of projects within our bespoke eLearning QA team. You will be involved in all aspects of quality assurance, from proofreading to technical testing. It's a busy team juggling many projects at once, so you need to be competent with switching between tasks and an effective communicator to keep other team members informed of progress.

You will need to be proficient in:

• Proofing eLearning scripts and digital content, correcting typos, grammar issues and following a clients' style guide.

• Testing content to ensure it works as expected across a range of operating systems, internet browsers and mobile devices.

• Testing content against previous/different versions to compare text, functionality etc for differences.

• Testing content to ensure it works as expected within a Learning Management System (LMS), and meets the technical standards specific to that LMS, such as SCORM conformance.

We are looking for someone to have 2-3 days availability over a couple of months initially, although there could be potential to continue.

As a freelancer we would be looking for you to contract with us through a limited company or an umbrella company.

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