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Developing a brand proposition

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23 Oct 2020

About the brief

We want to repeat the perception research we conducted in 2018 to help us develop a brand positioning that reflects our new operating model, focus and operating environment.

Specifically, we want to understand:

• External perceptions about our business, including values, drivers, barriers, and benefits, as well as channel engagement preferences

• Current client’s perceptions about our business, including values, drivers and benefits, as well as channel engagement preferences

• Perceptions about the relationships between our brand and others in our umbrella (as agreed)

• Development and testing of brand positioning, narrative and value proposition


• Presentation of findings of research, including perceptions, marketing insights and audience personas and prioritisation

• Presentation of findings of testing of brand positioning, narrative and values proposition, as well as a messaging hierarchy

You will be working with our Associate Director of Communications closely during the design of this research, as well as in shaping the positioning, narrative and values proposition.

We will provide you with details of external stakeholders, including people who are not engaged with us, as well as a list of existing and old clients. We also have mailing lists of approx 10,000 individuals who could be approached if required for your research.

We are seeking proposals from individuals or agencies who would be able to complete this work by the end of November.

In your proposal, please outline the approach you would take, as well as examples of previous work in this area. The closing date for expressions of interest is 23 October. We will appoint an individual or agency by 27 October.

As a charity, we don’t have huge budgets, but we would like to develop a relationship with an individual or agency that might extend beyond this particular piece of work and into future brand-related work, including developing our website. Please use your proposal to enlighten us about the scope of your work and how we might work with you beyond this specific peice project.

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