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New Website and CRM Needed

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Brighton and Worthing
02 Nov 2020

About the brief

We require a new CMS for our main website and a CRM. In addition to this, where practical and affordable, we will look to either replace, or better integrate, other key parts of our digital estate, which includes a number of online tools and platforms, as well as two other websites.

Our expectation is that we will appoint a supplier who has proven experience in developing a solution, or solutions for membership organisations, which is reflected in our evaluation criteria. The associated RFP document is quite comprehensive; we appreciate responses to it will take some time, and we don’t want to waste respondents’ time. Please therefore ensure that you can fully meet our evaluation criteria before committing time to a response.

We have already undertaken a significant review of our current digital estate with an external consultant. As a result of this we have decided that we will continue with using WordPress for our CMS, although we will most likely start afresh and rebuild the site from the ground up.

For the CRM we intend to use CiviCRM. CiviCRM will be a significant upgrade on the proprietary solution we use currently, has an established WordPress plugin and is straightforward to integrate with WordPress via forms for example. It’s advantageous to us because it’s free of licence costs (being open source) and is well suited to managing organisations. Its various modules give us options if we want to look to replace systems like Mailchimp and Eventbrite. Finally it’s well supported by a community of developers, which reduces the risk of vendor or agency lock in over the longer term.

Because we consider our budget to be quite tight, we want to avoid having whichever supplier we appoint running a discovery phase at the outset of this project, especially as we are doing a reasonable amount of work on that internally. Instead what we plan to do is to select a supplier based largely on their past experience and the approach that they outline to manage the high level requirements as set out in the RFP document. This will allow us to invite representatives from our supplier to participate in the more detailed project scoping we will undertake after appointment.

We already have quite a comprehensive project plan laid out in Trello and we would expect to add our new supplier to this with a view to having their project manager help maintain this resource with relevant stakeholders at our end.

Initial budget for planning, development, data migration, testing, hosting and delivery of the website and CRM until end March 2021: £27,500 + VAT.

Thereafter £5,000+ VAT per year to cover a support, maintenance, hosting, additional development etc. from April 2021 onwards.

Initial budget for delivery phase of the website & CRM until end March 2021: £27,500 + VAT. Thereafter £5,000+ VAT per year to cover ongoing support etc.


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