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In-store Screen Technologies

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2 days ago

About the brief

Our client currently has a number of touchscreens in their retail stores.

However, with the ongoing emergence of new technologies (coupled with the ever growing

demands on the retail sector), it is now crucial to fully leverage the true potential of these in-store media platforms, to help drive up both in-store customer engagement and the overall retail sales performance.

Our objective is to identify new dynamic start-up technologies that can further leverage the potential of the in-store DITS screens and help to educate / inspire/ assist in-store customers. This can include technology that can:

- Utilise existing technologies (eg. QR codes)

- Provide more focussed regional & store specific content delivery

- Help to provide sales support opportunities across the retail network

- Maximise dwell time in store.

- Present product to customers in innovative ways.

- Secure personalisation, View favourites, Basket. Accessories (Shop the room)

At this stage, if interested in the brief, no worked up proposal is needed, just an initial phone conversation to ascertain how you feel that you can help with the brief + answer any specific questions that you may have. Best to contact me directly by email.

Circa £10-£30K (tbc)


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