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New website needed for new start up

Business, Content Creation, Marketing, Websites
Suitable for:
Freelancer, Company
Sussex / Surrey border
19 Feb 2021

About the brief

Phase 1

To be delivered by end of May 2021

The website should promote and explain services offered by the business with a some e-commerce functionality.

The site should include a scheduling / booking system to allow website users to book appointments. A third party application can be integrated for this purpose.

An admin user should be able to manage bookings manually via the website CMS or via a third party application.

The website user should be able to pay deposits for services booked via the booking system.

An admin user should be able to add, edit and delete products (services) via the CMS

An admin use should be able to add edit and delete pages

The web design and booking system should be clear on mobile and desktop

The website will need to handle high traffic volumes, so needs to fast, have a quick response time and minimal downtime.

Phase 2

In approximately 6 months after Phase 1, to build out e-commerce functionality, integrate the website into multiple external brand and external wholesale supplier 'drop shipping' supply line feeds for real time product availability updates and ordering. And maintain stock levels.

We are looking for bids that clearly show the development cost split by the two phases. The winning company will also be required to provide ongoing maintenance and security updates and therefore it is critical that responses indicate the amount of ongoing support hours would be required and the ongoing cost of these.

Open to negotiation


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