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Micro-site needed for curated arts festival in the UK

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03 Mar 2021

About the brief

This project focuses on the meaning of family and care, to be designed in collaboration with Lemn Sissay.


Because ‘family’ is different for everyone

Family is made up of love and connections

Share our experiences of family with’ the world’ (How far can this travel?)

Celebrate all families whatever their structure

Provoke a conversation about the meaning of family and care

The conversation continues throughout the event by the people of Brighton, the UK and the internationally; and culminates in the creation of a piece of poetry written by Lemn


A microsite featuring the following content


• Site contains user-generated content automated text

o restricted to limited number of characters

o tool required to block profanity and inappropriate comments


• An interactive world map indicating where the responders are from and who they’re inviting to join the discussion

• An interactive orb grows as thoughts around the meaning of family spreads and the community grows. This runs throughout the festival

Video content:

• Opening Film – ‘Lemn’s (letter of) invitation’

The micro-site will be pre-populated with a combination of well-known artists and contributors (“Ambassadors/Champions”)

Talk with Lemn (Zoom)

• Closing Film – Lemn’s (closing date for responses)

The online showcase ends with the poetry written by Lemn using the contributed words generated. Available as a piece to camera, with accompanying tex.

• The micro site will also include short Talking heads vids of the public who were in care. This can be quite a low fi and from the person’s house – though if we want it more professional would need to hire film crews local to the people we want to interview, and this needs to be included in the budget



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