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Freelancer/agency required for bespoke CRM development, design & implementation

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27 May 2022

About the brief

We are seeking support to identify and deliver an effective CRM system, to ensure our systems are effective, efficient, GDPR compliant and sustainable as we grow.

We are looking for a consultant or agency with experience in bespoke CRM, database, and data visualisation systems to recommend a system solution that can meet our requirements, design, train us and implement it accordingly.

This brief sets out who we are, our journey to date, and what we need from a consultant/agency. Details about our tendering process can be found towards the end of this page.

We have been delivering LGBT+ & Trans Awareness training for more than 10 years, which was ad hoc in the early years and has substantially grown in recent years. We are also part of a group delivering the nationwide kitemark Rainbow Flag Award to schools, as well as our own bespoke LGBT+ Allyship programme.

Most of our training is with professionals who work in schools, but we also have a growing demand for training from the children and young people’s workforce. There is an opportunity for us to scale up our delivery, but in order to do so, we need a more streamlined booking, scheduling and follow-up system in place.

We've also seen a huge increase in fundraising & donations, and have recently moved from Virgin Money Giving to Enthuse and we are looking to build up our corporate donations and manage our regular givers. We would like the system to be able to incorporate this further down the line, so we must be able to manage, add and customise the system.

Current Status:

Our training programme has been on the back-burner during lockdown as we had to focus our energies on front line delivery. We have moved much of our training online through Zoom, Teams or other platforms. We anticipate some of our training will remain online and some will be in-person. We know that the success of the programme is necessary both for the ongoing funding of our youth services, as well as achieving social change. The impact of the training on professionals who take the learning back into their own settings will make youth, community, schools and business spaces better for LGBT+ young people.

We mostly deliver in-house courses for a cohort but also deliver some public courses and currently use Eventbrite to book these.

We have a high demand for our services, which we have struggled to meet due to the lack of streamlined systems. We currently work from a number of spreadsheets and are now seeking a system to hold training data (and eventually fundraising) for the whole life cycle e.g. to help us respond to bookings, confirm bookings and logistics, track, evaluate and up-sell.

We have more sectors that are interested in receiving training from us, such as SMEs across Brighton and Hove who may then support the charity through other means e.g. sponsorship or volunteers for our work.

We have recently been successful in joining Power to Change’s Powering Up programme, providing us funding and business support to enhance and expand our digital capabilities. This project has been identified as the main activity as part of our involvement in Powering Up.

The problem we need to solve:

In order to be able to meet the training needs of our clients, we want to provide a more professional ‘front end’ for our training services with a back-end integrated CRM.


- Front-end training booking system e.g. through a form on our current website (Webflow) which triggers a record in the system, generating actions and flags for actions

- CRM to record booking requirements

- Aesthetically pleasing CRM back-end with user-friendly, intuitive navigation for non-technical users

- Database to include all schools in Sussex and option to track training journey both by the school and by individual staff in the school

- Integration with Google especially Google calendar for booking in training programme staff for delivery

- Easy set up for auto reminders e.g. confirmation and payment reminders, evaluation forms, marketing reminders


- Integration with Quickbooks for invoicing, and Stripe and Enthuse (our fundraising platform)

- We would also like to include the ability to incorporate a fundraising database now or in the future - either as a fundraising module within the main system or that would interact well with a new fundraising system.

Implementing a tailored system will also mean we can be more cost-effective and efficient through automating booking, post-training evaluations, and ongoing marketing for future courses.

We wish to appoint a consultant or agency who has experience with the latest customisable systems (CRMs, database systems) to:

- Help us articulate our requirements for a solution that meets our programme and data needs

- Make a recommendation for solution(s) that meets those requirements with consideration for both cost of implementing the solution, its ability to integrate and interact with other systems across the organisation and be a user-friendly solution.

- Implement the chosen solution(s) and provide training and resources to allow our team to use and maintain the system effectively.

Current thinking on system design - training and education function:

We have started to flesh out our current thinking around system design - specifically with reference to the training and education function. The appendix provides a proposed detailed customer journey but headline requirements can be summarised as follows.

The system needs to comprise the following:

- An online enquiry form to allow prospective customers to flag their interest in our training offer.

- The form will trigger a number of custom automation associated with a new booking process that will incorporate payment processing.

- This booking process journey will be communicated to the customer through email confirmations.

Budget, timetable and process:

Our budget is £8,000.

We would like to go into delivery as soon as possible as we are working within a timeline agreed with our funders, Power to Change. Ideally, we would like to start inception/ kick-off by the end of June 2022 and have all the deliverables complete by October 2022.

We would like interested parties to submit an electronic copy of a tender proposal by 31st May 2022.

Shortlisting process:

Proposals should be no longer than 6 sides in PDF format and should include the following:

- Who you are and your experience of similar work

- What you understand about our system needs and how you are best placed to help us

- What your intended solution would be and how you would deliver it

- Who would be working on the project

- What your timeline would be for delivering this work

- How much it would cost for this work

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by 10th June.

Presentations & discussions with shortlisted applicants will take place on 27th June, with the final decision made shortly after.



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