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Freelance PHP Developer Required Urgently

Technical Help, Websites
Suitable for:
Freelancer, Company
West sussex
24 Jun 2022

About the brief

We are looking for a PHP developer needed that is proficient in working with APIs.

This is an existing WordPress site that needs some updating to make more user friendly and efficient.

This is a freelance remote working project. However, good constant communication is required to make sure the project runs smoothly. I need someone up and running with the work ASAP and would like the work completed within 2 weeks.

I envisage that there is around 24hrs work in this project.

The site is a recruitment site that pulls jobs from a CMS via an API, currently the search facility on this isn't working correctly and needs some optimisation.

These are the elements that need working on:

Getting Bedrock up and running locally and deployed to the new server environment

Getting CRON job running on new environment

Fixing the search form so you can search without any query text and if any dropdown but not 'every dropdown' is selected

Adding location radius to search.

Updating CRON job to pull job status back as well

Showing jobs as filled rather than removing them from the site

Latest jobs widget on the home page

Fixing category archives

WordPress site is built on Bedrock, so experience using this will also be required.

Full project details will be given on enquiry.



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