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Developer wanted to take over mobile app

Technical Help
Suitable for:
Freelancer, Company
Brighton (or work remotely)
20 Jul 2022

About the brief

Wanted: php-fluent developer/administrator to take over successful existing cloud-based backend, iOS & Android Apps.

Dr.App was first published in May 2020, and provides video support for research students on their smartphones and tablets. It’s already available for PhD candidates and staff in around a dozen UK universities, with many more in our sights. Details here,

The current technical partner, Quickclass, is changing the focus of their business away from white labelling, towards their own direct-to-enduser projects.

This leaves our business in search of a capable php-fluent developer/administrator to take over and continue to support the current php database, hosted on AWS servers, and native iOS and Android Apps. Project files for the platform will be shared by Quickclass for the Apps.

We’re looking for a long-term collaborator, and maybe someone who would like to help develop the same solution but on a simplified platform configuration. The most important need is to maintain the availability of our current offering for several years to come. We may also want to work with you to improve and expand the app to meet the future needs of universities and research students.

The role might suit a freelance app developer or a business with an existing portfolio of apps to maintain. You will need proven experience of developing and maintaining iOS and Android apps.

Payment will be in the form of an initial sum for the transition work, and a monthly retainer for the small amount of work involved in keeping the apps running in their current form and troubleshooting any technical failures. Additional payments may be agreed for occasional work on improvements to Dr.App.

Please contact us with details of your relevant experience and saying why this project interests you.

£300 initially, plus monthly retainer


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