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Marketing agency seeks design partner for loving relationship and special friendship.

Design and Creative
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01 Aug 2022

About the brief

We need design, you need marketing. Let’s dance.

You are: Brighton-based (preferred), 1-5 employees, or a fluid freelance outfit that’s looking for expert marketing help to add value to your offer and to make a few quid into the bargain.

We are: a marketing outfit that does lots of workshoppy and creative stuff, and loves design, but after several years of employing designers, we now don’t have that internal resource... So we’re looking for a lovely shiny, down-to-earth agency whose values align and who can provide a design resource and maybe sell us into your client base, too. Please.

We work with SMEs, non-profits and anyone else who'll have us. Mostly Brighton / Sussex based, but not afraid to venture beyond the B&H bubble.

We don’t work with bigoted, right-wing organisations, people who put posts about golf on Linkedin or stuffy corporate types. Life’s too short not to do what you believe in. We know that limits our scope in business, but that’s just the way it is. We like to do what we say and say what we do (does that even make sense?).

Anyway, if you’d like to chat, send us a message. We have some secrets we’d like to share, too…(it’s the intrigue that reels them in, just you see).

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