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WordPress shop with SCORM functionality - Proof-of-concept

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Southwick, Brighton
11 Feb 2023

About the brief

We provide digitally-led learning products to organisations and individuals across the UK. We have an eCommerce site where individuals can purchase courses from our digital library.

This site is connected to Blue LMS - our legacy LMS (learning management system) platform. Customers are automatically provisioned access to this platform and the e-learning courses they purchase via a custom WordPress plugin.

We are retiring Blue LMS in the near future and our new LMS platform does not have the capability to integrate with WordPress in the same way. Because of this, we need to commission a new WordPress site that has the capability of serving SCORM e-learning content to customers using known LMS platforms and/or plugins. We want to start with a new site to ensure there is no bloat from previously used plugins or integrations.

We also want our internal teams to “own” the branding and layout of the site. Because of this, we need a theme which is customisable and not fully bespoke.

We believe we know the route to achieve this, but need help with creating a proof-of-concept to see if this approach is viable, before moving onto content population, data migration and replacing our current site with this new one (each of these will be treated as independent projects).

We need a solution which is low-maintenance and cheap to host/support.

What we think needs doing:

Initial setup:

- Elementor cloud website ( or Fresh WordPress

- Install with WooCommerce

- Install Elementor (if not using Elementor cloud website)

Making SCORM content work:

- Install/Configure LearnDash (

- Configure LearnDash to work with SCORM format (

- Install/Configure GlassBlade LRS ( / (

- Install/Configure LearnDash gifting (


- Can a user purchase a course, access it and receive a certificate on completion?

- Can a user purchase a course for someone else as a gift?

If the above is feasible and passes tests, we can then manually populate with data and tackle data migrations/go-live as separate projects.

Please let us know timeframes and fixed costing for the above.



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