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Development of a website

Content Creation, Design and Creative, Marketing, Websites
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Development of a new multi-lingual website for the rollout and uptake of a partnership project managed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), including communications for promotion of the Indicators, design of tools to help users explore, understand and use the Indicators, and provision of a space to build knowledge and support learning in their adoption.

We are looking for an agency with relevant experience in the international NGO/governance sectors to undertake the following:

1/ Communication planning: Develop a vision for how the website will promote the Indicators and encourage uptake in support of an overall, long-term communications plan.

2/ Website planning and design: Plan and manage the design, build and population of the website with all materials required for successful launch.

3/ Website build, testing and launch: Development, deployment and launch of the public-facing website

4/ Maintenance and support: Post-launch amends and maintenance.

The launch date for the site is 16th October 2023, but the overall project is expected to run through to at least 31st March 2024.

CHF 60,000, or just under £55,000 at current exchange rate


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