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We are looking for someone who can help implement & assist with rolling out as a project management tool for a small business (7 people), some of whom work remotely. I could probably work it out myself but haven't the time to learn how, so would like to work with someone who can:

- Help me refine our existing list of columns so it will track what we want it to and produce helpful reports.

- Facilitate an in-person scoping/engagement workshop with our team (in Falmer) to capture their needs to ensure end-user experience is easy, but also help management convey why their engagement is vital to success.

- Set up the actual instance of create the columns, create any reports, export / import the data from our existing system (Trello) by the most appropriate means.

If you have the skills to help with team training & roll-out then so much the better.

I don't think our needs are large or complex, I just don't have time to do it myself.

This is a paid opportunity, but I'm in early stages of market research about how much our scope might actually cost. We are consultants ourselves so we appreciate your time is valuable. We want the right person for the job, not the cheapest person. If you believe you can help us, please make contact.

Timescale: Looking to have spoken to a few suppliers by end Sept, appoint by end October, in the hope of being set up & using the system by January 2024. That's not a hard deadline though - I'd rather get it right than rush it.

Paid position, budget TBC pending scope definition


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