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Social media manager and content creation

Content Creation, Design and Creative, Marketing, Websites
Suitable for:
The Fusebox, New England House, Brighton
12 Dec 2023

About the brief

This is a great opportunity to join a growing company as we embark on our next exciting challenge.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable handling social media across all platforms, including managing and updating our Wix website, and creating a second website for our new product.

Responsibilities will include:

- Following our existing media plan guidelines to help promote our services across our various channels.

- Editing and creating video and images for use on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (X).

- Creating engaging graphics to accompany social media content.

- Editing and improving upon our existing websites.

This is expected to be a fixed-term position of 1-2 days' work per work at present.

To be discussed


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