Board Support Programme = real business experience, long term!

Ashdown Hurrey Group are the official sponsors of the Board Support Programme.

Are you experiencing rapid growth?
Are you looking to diversify or change direction?
Are you looking to improve your company or staff's performance?
Do you want to exploit your IP, but don't know how?
Do you need a long term marketing strategy?
Do you need finance to develop new products or services?

1. What it is?

The BSP programme is for companies who are experiencing rapid growth or require step change management and need an informed voice to help steer them through this change. The programme provides companies with access to experienced business professionals, who they are able to call upon for board meetings or monthly reviews and for ongoing advice through phone or via email.

2. How does it work?

Needs assessment - Is a chance for Wired Sussex to compile information and generate an assessment of your needs, which will dictate the relevant professional to be engaged.

Diagnostic day - During this initial diagnostic day both you and the professional will be able to gauge how effective your working relationship is likely to be. Wired Sussex will propose another candidate if the match is deemed inappropriate, by either party.

1+12 help and advice - The professional will be utilised in board level support or monthly review meetings. Advisors will also be available to discuss other matters informally and be able to offer other forms of expertise, over the phone or via email on an on going basis.

3. How much does it cost?

One year board level support costs £600 + VAT a month - the costs of this kind of consultancy can start at anywhere upwards of £1000 plus a day. This Wired Sussex price has been specially negotiated and is only available to Wired Sussex clients.

Finance and strategic management, HR, communications and change management, Sales and marketing, deal making and intellectual property rights exploitation.

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Ashdown Hurrey Group are the official sponsors of the Board Support Programme.


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