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Web Design & Development, Multimedia Production, Strategy, Systems Integration

Who we are

Founded in 1985, Cogapp has worked with almost every digital media technology from the floppy disk to the iPad. The Cogapp team currently features around a dozen friendly professional staff who share more than 200 years of high-level experience.

What we do

Current projects include websites, interactive installations and mobile apps. Cogapp also advise, design, consult and provide maintenance and operating services. Cogapp serves clients in the museums, culture, media, sports, charity, government and commercial sectors and operate from a headquarters in Brighton and an office in New York.

Who we do it for

Cogapp's clients include prominent public-facing organisations on both sides of the Atlantic, notably the British Museum, the BBC, MoMA, Manchester United, Arts Council England, London 2012, Dorling Kindersley, the Home Office, the Children's Society, Prudential and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.