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Web Design & Development, Multimedia Production, Strategy, App Development, Consultancy, Mobile Design & Development, User Experience

Who we are

Building a better online world

Cogapp is a digital agency. We exist to build a better online world: better for the people who use our work and better for our clients. Combining intuitive user experience, elegant design, and thoughtful application of technology, we transform complexity into understanding.

We believe access to art and culture enriches lives and has the power to inform our future. We work with leading museums, galleries, libraries, and archives to help them shine more brightly online.

Founded in 1985, we have been innovating in the cultural sector for more than thirty years. We work nationally and internationally from an office in Brighton and an outpost in New York.

Cogapp is an independent business owned by its directors. We foster a healthy, supportive working environment where everyone can learn, grow and do their best work. We play a useful part in our community and help to enable the urgent changes needed to ensure a sustainable future.

What we do

Our approach is grounded in extensive domain knowledge applied to create elegant, user-friendly, joyful digital experiences for our clients.

Our creative process consists of five activities.

01. Digital strategy

02. User experience

03. Design

04. Technology

05. Agile project management and production

More specifically we support our clients with:

- Website and mobile app design and development

- User experience and graphic design

- Digital publishing systems

- Advanced search technology

- Machine learning, artificial intelligence and automated systems for data and content enrichment

- Applications of IIIF image technologies

- Innovation and research projects

- Digital strategy

- Agile project management and production

All our work is done by friendly, experienced in-house staff. We have spent years devising ways to make our projects as productive, engaging and creative as possible for everyone involved. That goes for clients, core team and stakeholders, regardless of their levels of technical knowledge.

Who we do it for

Our clients span the US, Europe, and the Middle-East. We’ve delivered some of the most significant digital projects in the cultural sector for clients including:

- British Library

- MoMA, New York

- National Portrait Gallery

- The National Archives (UK)

- Qatar National Library

- Natural History Museum of Denmark

- Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

- Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

We work with organisations whose principles align with our own. Whether you’re a potential client looking to commission a ground-breaking project, or if you’re looking for a great career opportunity, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.