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The Visual Commentary on Scripture

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The Challenge

The Visual Commentary on Scripture,, is the first significant online project to introduce (or re-introduce) visitors to Biblical scripture in the company of art and artists.

Celebrated with a launch event in November 2018 at Tate Modern, chosen not only for its leading role in promoting modern and contemporary art but for its physical relationship to St Paul’s Cathedral located directly across the River Thames, seeks to connect the worlds of art and religion as a one-of-a-kind resource for scholars, educators and interested readers looking for insightful, original explorations of art and the Bible.

Led by scholars at King’s College London and funded by the Visual Commentary on Scripture Foundation, the project organisers commissioned Cogapp to design and build this pioneering online destination for visual and intellectual engagement and contemplation.

The Results

The VCS is a carefully curated online exhibition space in which to learn and reflect.

Every element of the site’s design, visual language and interaction has been devised to gently guide the visitor through new reflections on art and the Bible; from explorations of familiar ideas and themes to potentially more challenging juxtapositions which might encourage readers to reconsider texts and images with fresh eyes.

The site has been widely acclaimed and featured in The Christian Post, The Church Times and The Tablet.

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