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Clyfford Still Museum

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The Challenge

The Clyfford Still Museum is “among the best art museum experiences anywhere” (Smithsonian Magazine), and they have now extended the amazing experience with a new online collection designed and built by Cogapp.

Most of the artworks in the new online collection are being seen on the web for the first time, including paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Searches are filterable by multiple categories including year, material and location.

Website visitors can choose to view the high-resolution art against a grey background, like in the museum, or against a white background.

All images have deep zoom and full screen enabled for an immersive experience. Artworks are downloadable, providing open access to everything in the online collection.

The Results

The Still Museum conducted research that shows their audience has a large proportion of what John Falk calls Rechargers - people who yearn to physically, emotionally and intellectually recharge in a beautiful and refreshing environment. We saw an opportunity to deliver an equally recharging experience online, and developed slow looking for the Clyfford Still Museum Online Collection. Find out more on our blog.

We believe this is the first digital implementation of this kind of immersive experience across an entire museum online collection.

The project was featured across the media, including the New York Times.

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