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Best At Digital (B.A.D.)

e-Learning, Consultancy, Hosting, Software Sales

Who we are

Saba Software is a cloud-based talent development/management platform that delivers a continuous employee development experience - from recruiting, onboarding, personalised training, and collaboration to real-time coaching, goal setting, and feedback. Saba Software is a global leader with close to $300M US in revenue, with 1,400 employees in 17 countries, serving more than 4,000 customers, and over 33 million end users.

Fun Responsibilities Leverage Saba’s Learning and Coaching Culture and enrol in training courses in the areas of interest. Participate in individual and group volunteer opportunities including team building activities to develop strong, functional and cross functional teams. Participate in the Saba Cares Program, which encourages and supports employee engagement and a social sense of community by matching employee donations. Actively participate in Saba's monthly and quarterly employee "Pulse Survey" helping to make Saba one of the absolute best companies to work for on the planet! Compliment colleagues for work well done with Saba Life Impressions. Work hard, have fun - #WorkLikeYou!

What we do

Working side-by-side with our clients, Saba emphasises service and support to ensure that e-learning is successfully integrated into the organisation.