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Futuremedia Plc wins the second bespoke e-Learning project from Hilton International

Brighton, England, 20 November 2003 - E-Learning solutions provider Futuremedia Plc (NASDAQ: FMDAY) today announced that it has won a project from Hilton International, after successfully completing its Principles of Account Management programme earlier this year. Hilton International operates more than 250 hotels in 77 countries, employing 70,000 people worldwide.

The new project is to create 6 marketing modules for Hilton’s online university. All Learning & Development and assessment opportunities for the organisation are concentrated in Hilton University, which offers over 100 different courses in seven faculties. These include operations, business development, finance, human resources, management, executive education and research.

Andrea Kluit, Hilton International’s Director of International Learning and Development, comments, “E-Learning proves very cost effective for us, especially in the current economic climate. It also makes our company’s training and development truly global and creates huge enthusiasm around the world by helping those who are dedicated to progressing their careers.”

Sue Harley, Director of Learning Solutions of Futuremedia Plc, adds, “This new project follows on from successfully creating Hilton International’s bespoke e-Learning programme earlier this year. We’re once again adding to Hilton’s global forum for learning and knowledge, helping their employees to develop their careers. Since its creation in February 2002, Hilton University has helped 2,500 users to complete 30,000 courses.”