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Futuremedia recruits 15 new members of staff

Brighton, England, 14 November 2003 - E-Learning solutions provider Futuremedia Plc (NASDAQ: FMDAY) today announced that it has recruited 10 new members of staff, and will be recruiting an additional 5, with skills ranging from graphical design, account management, multimedia development and project coordination. The additional employees are needed after winning a number of contracts from existing and new customers.

“We’re experiencing strong growth from existing clients as well as from our acquisition of IQdos, as they have brought several projects with them,” explains Mats Johansson, Futuremedia’s CEO. “Our current teams have shown a great deal of motivation and commitment to elevate the company to this level and we need extra permanent staff to ensure our customers’ needs are met. We anticipate that the cost of the new recruits will in future quarters be more than offset by the projected increase in revenue attributable to their activities.”

To support the Company’s growing Learning For All business following the completion of the Royal Mail contract announced last week, the Company has also recruited Stuart Pembery and Natalie Gwilt to lead Learning for AllÔ projects with customers.

Stuart and Natalie, who already have joined the Company, both bring significant experience of how to successfully sell and implement similar programmes for different clients.

Stuart, previously with Qick Plc, has during the last three years specialised in the provision of Home Computing Initiative schemes. He conceived and led projects to deliver a completely managed home computing service, including an innovative in-home installation programme and all the back office systems required to manage a high-volume customer led business.

Natalie was a Sales Manager with Dell Computers for eight years until 2001. During her last three years there she specialised in developing, winning, and implementing employee PC schemes. During that time Natalie was responsible for winning a number of large new customers for Dell’s Tax Benefit Scheme. “The completeness of Futuremedia’s offering has convinced me to join the Company,” she stated.

About Futuremedia

Futuremedia plc (est. 1983) is a Solutions Provider in the growing e-learning market with 20 years experience in the interactive media field supplying products and services to industrial and commercial business sectors and government, mainly in the UK and Continental Europe.

The Company has a proven track record in providing knowledge and training via Solstra, its proprietary Learning Management System which in its largest application has a capacity for 240,000 users.

Futuremedia’s customers include BT, BUPA, Channel Four, Daimler Chrysler, GSK, Hilton International, IDEA, Royal Mail and Syngenta. Training content from partners Centra Software, NETg, Skillsoft and SmartForce is supplied and supported.

Futuremedia can be found on the Web at