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Futuremedia Reports Significant Interest In Multi-Platform Learning Environments

Futuremedia plc (NasdaqCM: FMDA) a leading learning and brand communications company, today announced that its presence at Europe’s Learning Technologies exhibition in London has generated substantial interest in Multi-Platform learning. The Company’s learning division, Futuremedia Learning, which was launched at the exhibition, is now in the process of responding to an unexpectedly high volume of inquiries into its use of MPLE’s (multi-platform learning environments) as effective methods of engaging e-learners.

Futuremedia has pioneered MPLE’s in response to demand from the marketplace for making employee development and training available 24/7 and incorporating social networking and peer-to-peer training. Based on the customized design and management of corporate social learning networks, the MPLE approach makes learning available through a variety of vehicles including iPods, mobile devices and BlackBerrys. iPod learning in particular has been extremely popular with many companies looking into Futuremedia’s capabilities in this area.

Commenting on the Company’s progress, Chief Executive Officer Leonard M. Fertig said, “Employee learning and development must keep pace with the way people live today and take full advantage of technology. Companies and governmental organizations need to connect to their employee stakeholders on a 24/7 basis. Learning has moved out of the office and into people’s busy lives where the mobile and multi-platform approach is needed as employees want to access information and education on their own schedule. Futuremedia’s MPLE approach responds to that need.

“Through the development of iPod learning we are again demonstrating our ability to apply technology to learning, creating more engaging courseware which can be produced rapidly and distributed easily. The social networking, peer-to-peer approach is proving extremely successful when applied to the learning environment. Futuremedia is leading the way in developing the latest e-learning solutions that meet customer and end-user needs alike.”

In addition, high attendance at Futuremedia’s seminar at the conference, entitled “Social Networking Meets Learning”, has prompted the Company to host a similar event in April. Details will be announced at a later date.