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Bright recognised as a centre of 'Excellence in Wellbeing'! by Great Place to Work

We're really overwhelmed and so pleased to announce that we've been recognised by Great Place to Work as a centre of 'Excellence in Wellbeing'.

Here at Bright, employee wellbeing is incredibly important to us. Great Place to Work recently ran an employee survey and assessment of our practices and policies, which has really helped to open our eyes to how people feel about working here, but also (and crucially) the areas in which we can make improvements.

As part of the assessment, we were scored against a variety of categories including 'work environment, mental and physical health, work-life balance and fulfilment (autonomy, meaning and personal growth)'.

The great news is that 100% of Bright employees felt that we'd nailed work-life balance, 94% felt that we actively promote mental and physical health and 97% felt that they had enough say in how to do their job and the autonomy they needed.

Its great to hear how our employees really feel and we plan to continue listening and improving!