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AVT Connect

Video Conferencing/Streaming, Multimedia Production, 2D/3D Animation, App Development

Who we are

AVT Connect produces smart events and digital projects that engage and inspire audiences by blending face-to-face, online and mobile event technology.

Our unique Event360® concept integrates:

• iPads for events

• Online Events and Hybrid Meetings

• Live Event Production

With over 40 years of global experience, we have a reputation for producing cutting-edge events and digital projects which showcase our clients key messages and provide a clear ROI.

What we do

Our team extends events and digital projects into year-round conversations, adding measurable value and increasing audience participation.

We make complex information simple by visualising and disseminating content in a new, engaging way. By reaching key stakeholders through the right channels, you can build loyalty and grow revenue.

Who we do it for

Clients include many of the worlds leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, medical communication and education agencies, corporates and membership-based organisations.

Our team has extensive experience in implementing and advising on design and visualisation, making events interactive, engagement, putting content online, repurposing and reusing assets and understanding the formats and flow of meetings and digital projects.

You can view further information and examples via the "BE INSPIRED" section on our website. Password: BeInspired@avt