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Sensible Development Ltd

e-Commerce, Web Design & Development, Systems Integration

Who we are

Sensible Development are a small, friendly, laid back and innovative company based in Brighton in the United Kingdom. Over the last 10 years specialised we have specialised in the provision of online auction and marketplace solutions across a range of industry sectors and now have a global client base spanning 5 continents.

What we do

We regularly have auctions of high value turnover. Precision and accuracy is key. Auctions run on our platform regularly exceed turnovers of £500k and beyond.

We like to develop long-term strategic relationships with our clients as this ensures that we able to provide the best technology support we can leaving our clients to look after the running of their businesses.

Who we do it for

• Recognised as experts and leaders in the coffee sector we work for coffee producers in South and Central America and Africa and facilitate trade with buyers in Asia, Europe and North America. We work with several key clients (including the premier specialty coffee competition organisers) and other leading organisations who promote sustainable coffee productions methods. Our auctions have over the past two years, twice broken the record for the world’s most expensive coffee.

• We work extensively in the Machinery sector (which is where our journey began) and we have clients in the UK and Australia. We have several long-term relationships with clients we picked up during our early years in the business and have maintained them to this day.

• We also have a number of fundraisers for whom we operate a range of one-off auctions. We have clients in both North America and the United Kingdom

• More recently we have been with world trade organisations developing marketplace platforms designed to stimulate trade in various targeted regions around the world.