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Public-i signs up for Dinamiks Performance Management Tool

Public-i, the Brighton-based specialist in webcast, epetition and social web technologies and support, has purchased a licence to use Dinamiks, the cloud-based employee performance management tool that includes talent management and Employee Development Planning among its capabilities.

Established in the public sector “as Europe’s leading provider of strategies and technologies that support democratic engagement,” Public-i will use Dinamiks to ensure staff are well matched to their work; close skills gap by showing where training is required and tracking the results of the training; identify the need for any rebalancing of resources, in order to optimise service and income; and help ensure staff meet the company’s goals by showing them how their efforts contribute to the success of the business.

Public-i Office Manager Jane Purcell explained why Dinamiks was selected ahead of other providers of employee performance management solutions. “For us the main factors drivers were cost, ease of use and the functionality provided. Dinamiks gives us an affordable, easy to use solution which covers our current needs and is expandable to cover future requirements.”

About Public-i

Public-i pioneered webcasting in the public sector more than a decade ago. At that time the concept of opening up the council chamber to public viewership was met with significant concern, and so the company began working with some forward-thinking clients who wanted to challenge the status quo and experiment with how technology could help the ways in which they interact with the public.

Today, openness and transparency in public matters are fundamental expectations – and the way people interact with each other has radically evolved. Social media has become central not only to the way we communicate or share ideas, as a broadcast channel, but more importantly to the way in which we interact, collaborate and network – it’s conversational.

As Europe’s leading provider of strategies and technologies that support democratic engagement, Public-i continues to be at the centre of a network of thought leaders and technology experts who are breaking new ground to navigate that change. As the potential for webcasting continues to develop, the company is also helping its ever-growing network of pioneering clients to pilot new and innovative ways to engage with more people on the social web, and incorporate online models of interaction into their offline processes. Public-i is doing this with the support of a new generation of webcasting products and its groundbreaking Citizenscape technology that is specifically designed to help shape the changing ways that people engage. The company provides a unique balance of technology skills and research thinking which means that it can provide technology that works for people.

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About Dinamiks

Developed in Chichester by Dinamiks Ltd, Dinamiks is used by SMEs around the world to carry out regular staff performance appraisals, and recording the progress of personal development plans against targets, and for the following further core activities: talent management; identifying which staff are star performers [and why], and allowing poorer performers to be trained up; compliance; support of personal development plans, and ensuring staff pull in the same direction to the benefit of the business.

Available 24/7 via secure web access regardless of user location, Dinamiks reduces costs and inefficiencies; develops and motivates staff; aligns objectives with business goals; delivers appraisal analysis in real time; saves time in the appraisals process; helps in the setting up of competency frameworks; shows where training/coaching/other development is required; assists with issues around employment law.

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For further information please contact:

Jane Purcell, Office Manager, Public-i,

Tel +44 (0) 1273 821 282

Or Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd

Tel (+44) (0)1243 538835

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR

Tel (+44) (0)1403 711177