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Academy Internet & CCH Publishing launch 'Companies Act Now'

Academy Internet teamed up with CCH the leading tax, accounting and legal publisher to produce a series of e-learning modules that distil the key legislation changes coming into force in October 2007 into an hour’s learning.

Academy Internet and CCH publishing were in utter disbelief that the Companies Act 2006 (that was supposed to make life easier for small businesses) weighed in at 1300 sections. They estimated it would take a Company Director an average of three full working days to get through it. The average director wouldn’t have the spare time. They would however, face potential disqualification and fines of up to £1000 for not complying with The ACT.

Tim Harrington, Sales Director for Academy Internet E-learning Services, commented “We believe that that this course will help small businesses, like ourselves, achieve compliance to The ACT in the shortest possible time. For small businesses time is crucial and this is a highly affordable way to understand and act upon the potential pitfalls”.

Academy Internet and CCH teamed together to produce a series of e-learning modules accessible via the website. Companies Act Now provides a free initial tutorial introducing some of the issues. Then offers the opportunity to buy a short e-learning course covering all the key requirements Directors need to deal with now, in October 2007. An additional e-learning course will be launched in April 2008 to address further issues which will take effect then.

Directors can identify what they need to do over a lunch break for the price of a business lunch.

The course is written in plain English and has been written for company Directors, Company Secretaries and other responsible people who need to know what they have to do in the shortest possible time.