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How a podcast changed my business…and its future…

Mentors, colleagues and even high profile, celebrity business people have often been lauded for being partly responsible for instigating the success of an organisation by providing inspiration and ad-hoc advice. However, a digital marketing podcast hosted in Brighton but listened to all over the world is now staking a claim for positively influencing and impacting businesses both domestically and internationally, as is evident in this story with Craig Griffiths, Founder of Australia-based Ask Find Buy.

Not a podcast listener until he was given his first iPod for Christmas many years ago, Craig visited iTunes and discovered Internet Marketing agency SiteVisibility’s free digital marketing podcast. With a global audience, it is the number one podcast for marketing in most English speaking countries on iTunes and each weekly episode gets in the region of 15,000 listeners, with around 815 downloads a day.

Since its creation by Jason Woodford in 2006 as a means to help traditional marketers to learn whilst commuting to work, the podcast celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2011 as well as the milestone of 150 episodes. In early 2012, it also achieved the landmark sum of a million downloads as it continues to offer a series of insider tips and practical advice on how to get the best from digital and search engine marketing.

“The topic was interesting as I had just closed a website that sold motorcycle accessories. I had some success with traffic to my old site, but that was more due to luck than design,” Craig comments.

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media now at the forefront of marketing strategies, Craig was already debating the notion of creating a new website, but had doubts over how to get it well-ranked on the internet. An issue that was quickly resolved through listening to the SiteVisibility podcast.

Craig continues: “For over a year I was contemplating a new website. The thing that was stopping me from progressing from my idea to a living breathing site was the daunting task of getting it seen. The web had grown to trillions of pages and I believed a new website would never be seen without off line advertising support. SiteVisibility gave away such valuable advice that I was confident I could find my audience. The team spoke of “On Page” SEO and what works and what isn't needed and how to get good quality honest links. They spoke of tools and gave insights into what is happening and how to measure success and then duplicate it. To put it simply; the SiteVisibility podcast made it possible for Ask Find Buy to be launched.”

With more than 150 episodes now downloadable, the podcast continues to educate people about digital marketing, focusing on a variety of subjects including how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as marketing tools, how to measure social media, how changes to search engines such as Google affects online marketers as well as regular question and answer sessions to engage with listeners. But it’s the personable and caring approach which has impressed Craig at Ask Find Buy.

“SiteVisibility’s style is just like getting advice from a friend, Craig comments. “It is obvious that they have the listener's best interests at heart, which is rare. It was like a breath of fresh air.

“As a result this has given me the confidence to start my own podcast helping small businesses and I readily tell listeners to research and follow everything that SiteVisibility has to offer.”

Craig has been empowered to push Ask Find Buy forward, bringing customers and businesses together in five countries across the world as a result of the knowledge he has picked up from the SiteVisibility podcast. “The first customer we assisted was from the UK and she found the site using organic search because of what I learned from SiteVisibility. My appreciation is only overshadowed by the respect I have for SiteVisibility and the service it provides,” concludes Craig.

As well as educating audiences across the world, the SiteVisibility podcast has also interviewed some of the most respected marketers in the world, including bestselling author Seth Godin, productivity guru Tim Ferriss, and the Godfather of Usability Jakob Nielsen as well as marketer Rory Sutherland, and Conversion experts including Jim Sterne and Bryan Eisenberg.

The weekly podcast is available to download for free at, as well as from iTunes.

Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility Director of Strategy who leads the team of experts behind the podcast, comments: “With the podcast we hope to provide the answers to some of the most common questions about digital marketing, as well as covering current issues as they happen. We aim to do so in a friendly, light-hearted way so as to make the podcast easy listening wherever and whenever you may be tuning in.”

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