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Improving Organic Visibility with On-Site Optimisation

Improving Organic Visibility with On-Site Optimisation header image

The Challenge

One of the key challenges facing Phonak was the lack of resource in-house available to optimise and create content. Quite simply, they needed support.

Before working with us, Phonak’s UK site displayed content that had been copied directly from the global version of their site. This was a strategy that had been rolled out across all countries and Phonak’s brand guidelines had stated that American spellings should be used. Although content on the site had been optimised, it had been done so for the global market rather than the UK.

This was far from ideal and presented us with some key issues:

• The site was written using American spellings like color that would be unfamiliar to UK users

• Terms like “hearing device” (aimed at the global market) were used rather than “hearing aids” (localised for UK)

• All international versions of the site contained the same content, potentially causing content duplication issues

• None of the content on site had been optimised for UK search

• Technical and unusual terms were also being used in the copy that the average customer in the UK wouldn’t be familiar with or search for

As such, the key challenge for us was to improve Phonak’s organic visibility through better on-site optimisation and copywriting aimed at the UK market.

The Results

Over the first 3 months, we undertook both content and technical audits to identify the performance, health and key issues with the UK Phonak site.

Once the audits were completed, and key issues were prioritised, it was decided that the biggest SEO opportunity was the re-writing and optimisation of the content on the service and product pages.

Once on-site content was identified, the first step we undertook was to use our proprietary tool, the Keyword Opportunity Finder (KOF) to identify the most valuable keyword opportunities. The KOF compares 10 competitors and looks at the keywords they are currently ranking for, their positions in the SERPS, the pages that are ranking and the search volume. Using the KOF along with manual keyword research and reviews of the site, we were able to choose appropriate keywords to target.

As a result of the on-site optimisation of copy on the Phonak site, there was a significant increase in organic traffic.

For the period 1st July 2016 to 31st March 2017, there was an increase in organic traffic year on year from 29,235 to 66,672. An uplift of 128%.

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