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SiteVisibility & SuperYachtsMonaco Case Study

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The Challenge

SuperYachtsMonaco came to us with several challenges:

• They weren’t ranking for key ‘sale’ terms

• They had high volume but low converting traffic to the site

• The had a lack of resource in house to produce effective and optimised content

• There was a lack of SEO strategy from their previous agency

• Goals and Events were not being tracked correctly, meaning that they couldn’t see conversion data in Google Analytics

In addition to the primary challenges, they also faced some other issues:

They are in a very competitive marketplace and there was often long lead times between sales. Internally there was a lack of business understanding when it came to the potential of the website as a lead generator. Typically, employees believed all business enquiries would come through the phone. As such, we needed to explain how making on page changes could be a huge benefit to sales.

The Results

In November and December 2016, we began work with SuperYachtsMonaco by undertaking Technical and Content Audits of the site. After completion of the audits, we reviewed the results and it was clear that the optimisation of the sales pages should be prioritised.

After undertaking keyword research and identifying sales terms that would drive traffic and enquiries, we then began re-writing and optimising the 3 key sales pages. This included meta descriptions, titles, H tags and body content for each.

As a result of this work we saw:

• In increase in organic landing page traffic to the /sales page by 709% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)

• An increase in organic landing page traffic to their /sales/all page by 159% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)

• An increase in organic traffic to the /sales/pages/megayachtsales by 1495% YoY. (Jan – Aug 2017 vs same period 2016)

• Positive ranking improvements for ‘sales’ related keywords.

• 14 keywords move onto the first page of Google with no terms already in the top 10 moving negatively

“SiteVisibility’s technical team have had no problems working with our web designers and developers to ensure our website is optimised for search engines. They communicate without the confusing SEO jargon, produce clear and precise action points and most importantly, practise transparency with their efforts in doing so.”

Jim Evans, Managing Director

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