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Increasing YouTube Subscribers & Views for UK Flooring Direct

Increasing YouTube Subscribers & Views for UK Flooring Direct header image

The Challenge

The UK’s Largest Online Flooring Retailer, UK Flooring Direct, wanted to bring their YouTube channel to life and utilise their newly created videos.

They sought our expertise to create a branded YouTube channel, and optimise their videos for both YouTube organic search. In just a few months, their YouTube channel experienced growth in new subscribers, views and watch time.

UK Flooring Direct’s Background:

Founded in 2004, UK Flooring Direct (UKFD) offers an exceptional range of flooring for domestic and commercial customers; from solid and engineered wood, to vinyl and laminate flooring.

Over the last decade, they have helped more than 500,000 customers find their perfect floor, and are rated as excellent on Trustpilot.

We began working with UK Flooring Direct in 2021. Together, we have achieved enviable growth from their Organic Search channel through a mix of technical SEO developments and by creating a robust content marketing strategy.

The Brief:

Six months into our partnership, UK Flooring Direct approached us with a new challenge; to bring life to their outdated YouTube channel.

UK Flooring Direct invested in producing a series of new videos, designed to inspire and inform their audience. The videos cover topics such as choosing the right flooring, maintenance and care advice, and installation tips and tricks.

Once the videos had been created, UK Flooring Direct sought our in-house video marketing expertise to create a branded YouTube channel, and to ensure that the videos would be found by the right audience from within YouTube, and also via Organic Search.

The Project: How We Helped:

The first task was to review all of UK Flooring Direct’s YouTube assets and to undertake extensive keyword research to inform how we should optimise each video to gain the most visibility.

After finding the terms that we wanted to include for each video, we optimised their titles and wrote unique video descriptions to help viewers understand exactly what to expect from each video. We also added subtitles to help with accessibility.

To breathe new life into the look and feel of the channel itself, we added branded channel art and created thumbnails for each video, utilising categories to help people understand the type of video content at a glance. Playlists were also created to give structure to the different video content types.

We produced a detailed ‘best-practice’ document for UK Flooring Direct to refer to for their future video production projects, helping to upskill their internal teams.

To gain maximum SEO benefit from these videos, we also provided technical recommendations for on-site optimisation.

The Results

The work was completed in January 2022 and in the first 3 months, UK Flooring Direct’s YouTube channel experienced growth in new subscribers, views, impressions and watch time, and we expect to see the organic search benefits in the coming months.

In February, March & April 2022 vs the previous 3 months we saw:

>A 90% increase in views

>A 629% increase in watch time

>A 210% increase in impressions

>A 15% increase in subscribers

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