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Anything but Old Fashioned – the Mobile Cocktail Meeting Space Designed by Creatives

If clients cannot come to you for a meeting during a pandemic, what are you going to do?

Strategic creative agency Designate, based in Brighton, has come up with an inventive solution: take your mobile meeting space, complete with cocktails and DJ, on the road instead.

The branded and souped-up van, with an awning added to allow outdoor meetings whilst indoor ones are banned, is certainly eye-catching.

It functions as a very cool boardroom, an event space and even as a place to party once rules are relaxed.

Designate, a Campaign Top 50 agency based in Brighton, has worked with some of the world’s top brands, including LV=, Brittany Ferries and Audley Travel. The agency has always prided itself on its ‘never normal’ approach to advertising – and is now subverting the dreaded Zoom meeting culture too.

Adam Hill, Executive Director at Designate, said:

We want to deliver something different and exciting for our clients and prospective clients - and there’s nothing exciting about Zoom.

Some clients feel they are chasing their tail trying to keep up during lockdown; and this is our way of injecting some fun back into business and wresting back some control from the pandemic.

We thought: why are we having all our meetings on Zoom when a bit of creativity could bring people back together?

Our mission has always been to deliver exceptional creative work and strategic thinking, identifying the essence of a brand that makes them stand out in a crowded marketplace, working alongside brave, ambitious clients. We know that’s best done together, in person –ideally with a Picante or Mojito in hand.

The good news for Designate’s clients is that the mobile meeting space can be parked anywhere – from the car park of a client’s office building to the seafront or countryside if the team are yearning for something different.

The agency already has meetings booked in Brighton, Bracknell, Mayfair and Cheltenham.

Anyone for a Mojito while you take the minutes?

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