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Designate unveils Penfold campaign encouraging more people to ‘Enjoy the Now’

Strategic creative agency Designate has unveiled a major advertising campaign for digital pension provider Penfold designed to help it attract wider and more diverse audiences.

The campaign is aimed at people who either do not have a pension or who want to consolidate the pension pots they have. 

TV, outdoor and digital advertising by the award-winning creative agency uses bold messaging which dials up the fuss-free nature of the service, enabling an increasingly younger audience to ‘Enjoy the Now.’

Miriam Boote, Director, Designate said: “The pensions market is very cluttered, with some significant spend behind advertising campaigns.

Penfold needed our help to appeal to customers who didn’t prioritise their pension over other savings goals and to attract those who had not thought of setting up a pension before.

“The strategic positioning is ‘Enjoy the Now’ which encourages consumers to sort out their pensions, so they can carry on enjoying their lives, knowing their future is in safe hands.

Penfold asked Designate for help in promoting its no-fuss pensions service, which was initially launched for freelancers and the self-employed but is now open to all employment types.

The TV advert opens with images of old-fashioned methods of communication including a typewriter, landline telephone and even a quill. The word old, merges into text showing ‘Penfold,’ while a voiceover says: ‘There’s an old way of sorting out your pension, or there’s our way.”

Energetic music plays alongside an image of central London, followed by footage of young people working in a Taco food truck, as a music producer or a fitness instructor and then shows them enjoying a holiday, camping or shopping.

A voiceover explains: “Pensions that fit with the way we live and work today. Whether you’re just starting out or combining old pensions, our modern, flexible, faff free pensions make it easy to sort your future, so you can get back to enjoying the now.”

Messaging across the digital and outdoor campaign is bold and brave with a certain attitude to cut through the clutter, including taglines such as: ‘Not for the old school,’ ‘Go on live a little,’ ‘On your level and in your pocket,’ and ‘On a mission to sort your future.’

Georgie Burks from Penfold said: “We were so pleased with how quickly Designate was able to deliver the final campaign with messaging that will communicate our flexible and faff-free offering to a broader audience.      

This is our first above the line campaign and we think it will appeal to people who might have previously been put off saving into a pension by the complicated and old-school practices of the industry.  

The campaign launched on Wednesday 25 August across TV and video on demand. It will also launch across digital and outdoor, as well as across a paid-for social media campaign.  

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