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Music, Systems Integration, Web Design & Development

Who we are

Creative. Code / Tech. Sound. Music.

EAUO develops and shares independent technical and business competences addressing the dynamics of digital content on the internet.

Founded 2003 at eagleaudiorecords creative intangibles production facility.

Research and utilization of contemporary technology in digital, audio, music production, video production, web, code, metadata, linked-data, applications / architectures.

What we do

Make digital services and products.

Business case web development and technical integration analysis / consultancy.

Whole spectrum internet tech. Code, content production, editing, publishing.

Business applications. Systems architecture. Data architecture. Knowledge domain engineering.

Internet creative business support and systems/technical engineering.

Music acoustics. Sound. Pro-audio. Digital Audio Workstation. Music Production. Video Production and Processing. Photography.

Sound design. Music composition.

Who we do it for

NGO, Foundations, International Organizations, Academics, Society.

Music Artists, Creatives, Authors,