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Music, Systems Integration, Business Services, Web Design & Development

Who we are

EAUO applies open-source code/tech developing and sharing independent technical and business competences by research and utilization of leading-edge technology in digital, audio, music production, web, code, structured data, systems architectures, applications, design.

EAU0 code-build for independent music artists. addressing the dynamics of digital content on the internet for self-publishing musicians and music artists. Sound. Data.

What we do

Business case web development and technical integration analysis / consultancy. Whole spectrum internet tech. Code, content production, editing, publishing. Business applications. Systems architecture. Data architecture. Knowledge domain engineering. Internet creative business support and systems/technical engineering. Music acoustics sound and pro audio, digital audio workstation, music production, video, photography.

Who we do it for

NGO, Foundations, International Organizations, Music Artists, Creatives, Authors,