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eplatforms ltd

Web Design & Development, e-Commerce, Database Management, Programming

Client testimonials

  • At all times a high level of service has been shown and an exceptional level of commitment to this product.

    Martin Grissel
    American Express

  • We gave eplatforms the brief of developing a Content Management System that enabled our client to simply update all pages of their website without compromising the page design that we had created for them. The final solution was a flexible and user-friendly CMS. Our client was thrilled with the result.

    Nick Christoforou

  • A powerful, dependable sales platform. The new website is resistant to attacks and is much more reliable. Visitors are able to easily search and browse a wide range of products, without being obstructed along the sales path. The results have been phenomenal!

    Daniel King
    Urban Industry

  • As predominantly a wholesaler we approached eplatforms to create a vibrant and exiting website to expand into retail mail order. With a great deal of understanding to our needs they have produced an excellent product, not only in the effectiveness of the sales it has generated but also in its ease of use and management behind the scenes. Since the success of this initial project, we have happily returned to them to expand the website for our wholesale customers to use. We now also use their hosting services and continue to be impressed by the level service. We would highly recommend this company to anybody.

    Hugh Griffiths
    Siesta Crafts

  • As the first in the UK to deploy PayCash for a retail client, eplatforms are at the fore-front of innovation in e-commerce, enabling their client's customers to shop online and pay cash through the PayPoint network. eplatforms' customer focused approach involves taking the time to develop a full understanding of the client's requirements and then utilising the flexibility of the platform to deliver a world-class e-commerce solution.

    David Evans

  • eplatforms have designed a website that suits both the needs of the company and that our of customers. Theylistened to our ideas and developed them in a clear and easy to use format. On going support has been invaluableand easy to obtain.

    Chris Harrison
    Harrison + Co Creative Ltd

  • The team at eplatforms are helpful and friendly. They understand that clients may not fully appreciate their own needs at the beginning of a project. They are flexible enough to work closely with the client throughout the development so that the end product is right for the client

    Jim Elsam
    HTEQA Services Ltd

  • Excellent follow-up service to the initial network and server installation. Fast, knowledgeable and helpful – recommended!

    Tom Smith
    Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion

  • We wanted a strategy for our growth in South Korea. By working with eplatforms they helped us create a platform for growth and they secured exclusive distribution rights of all the major Formula One brands for the supply of clothing and apparel, which in turn took our main competitor out of business!”

    Business Development and Marketing
    i-ZAC International

  • I would just like to commend your developers on integrating with the FedEx Web Services solution so quickly for Urban Industries. I have completed many Web Services integration with other customers that have sometimes taken months. Your developers were courteous, professional and displayed a very high level of knowledge regarding WebServices. All of the integration was completed remotely via email and phone which makes it more impressive. I look forward to working with you again and will definitely recommend you if I come across any customers that are looking for a developer to complete their FedEx Web Service Integration.

    Jeff Booth FedEx EMEA