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Operation Ouch! Invasion of the Snotulons!

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The Challenge

Following the huge success of our first two Operation Ouch games; Snot Apocalypse and Clonewards, CBBC commissioned us to create a third web game in our franchise of medical mayhem, all based around the hit CBBC show Operation Ouch!

As the existing games have proven extremely popular on the CBBC website, the challenge then, was coming up with another idea even more wonderfully gruesome than the previous two games. One that had great replayability, bags of humour and also delivered on educational value too.

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The Results

In the third installment, were doing things a bit differently...players are going INSIDE the wonderfully disgusting human body!

Taking on the role of doctor-meets-snot slayer, the player has to scan, find and treat the Snotulons. Scanning Dr Chris' body against the clock, the player must identify the location of bones, vital organs and body parts as they detect and search for the medicine hidden around Chris' body. In this part of the game, kids' knowledge of body geography and basic human biology is put to the test in a fun and fast-paced way that doesn't feel like learning.

Once the site of infection has been located, players enter a first-person shooter perspective within a 3D playable area as Dr Xand must treat the infection with the time they have remaining! In this first-person 'treater' (see what we did there?) there are two types of gameplay mode to treat the infection: sniper mode, which lets you zoom in and shoot distant Snotulons, and multiply mode, where an explosive grenade-style weapon is used to blast Snotulons at close range. The main aim of the game is to clear each wave before getting sneezed out. Compare your high scores and ranking progress with your friends and work your way up from a Newbie Bogey Bandit to a Super Snot Sniper!

Since the game launched on the CBBC website in May it has already had over 14k reaction emojis!

You too can save Dr Chris and start your snot sniping adventure, head over to the CBBC website! Here, you can also watch real-life Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx play the game and go head-to-head for the best score.

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