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Are NFTs a Revolution for the Creative Industries? Take Part in University of Sussex Business School Research

Are you a UK-based visual artist and/or content creator?
Are you using, or have you used, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as part of your activities?

If you answered YES to both questions, we'd love for you to get involved with a British Academy/Leverhulme funded research project in collaboration with the University of Sussex Business School.

Your experience will help the researchers to answer the following question: are NFTs a revolution, an evolution or a fad in the creative industries?

The results of the study will be presented during a bespoke event at The FuseBox at the end of the year (date to confirmed).

Participation will entail a one-hour interview (remote or in person, subject to availability) to hear your personal experience with NFTs.

For more information or to book an interview, please contact the Principal Investigator (PI) on this project, Mariachiara Restuccia by email ( ).

On behalf of the research team, a heartfelt thank you!

PI: Mariachiara Restuccia (University of Sussex Business School)
Co-PI: Prof. Charles Hofacker (Florida State University) and Guido Guerzoni (Bocconi University)

PI Maria recently created an NFT inspired artwork with her daughter, titled 'intergenerational craft', which has now, incidentally been minted!

NOTE: The research has been approved by the Social Sciences & Arts Cross-Schools Research Ethics Committee (C-REC) ethical review process at the University of Sussex (Ref no: ER/MR411/9)."