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Wild Dog Design

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Wild Dog Bitten By Cat Fleas!

Improve International, the veterinary training college has had a complete logo & brochure re-brand by Brighton based design agency Wild Dog Design.

The college offers Post Graduate qualifications for Vets & Nurses in unique training programmes such as Exotic Animal Practice, Animal Dentistry through to Clinical Neurology of Cats.

The course Prospectus have been totally transformed by using breathtaking scientific microphotography from the Science Photo Library. Ctenocephalides Felis or the cat flea to you and me, is seen full page alongside red blood cells, blood clots and bone marrow close ups. Gory as this may sound, the end result is one of intriguing beauty, vivid colours and tactile texture bringing to light an incredible world hidden from the naked eye.

“We wanted to transform the traditional academic training prospectus into something that had real creative presence, without diluting the highly professional reputation of the college" said Michael C Hughes,Wild Dog’s managing director."We had to avoid cutesy images of the pet at the vet, whilst graphic pictures of surgical operations were difficult to work with from an aesthetic point of view!!"

Jacqui Spinks, Marketing Manager at Improve International in Swindon added "By focussing on this fascinating world where art and science are combined,Wild Dog have managed to totally set our brochures apart.The veterinary practise is a very, very busy environment - so when a vet takes time out to tell you they love the new brochures, then you know they're a success”.

Wild Dog Design is a Brighton based design agency offering a combination of creativity, service & technical expertise. Formed in 1996, it has established a name for high quality, innovative and creative designs in a variety of specialist areas.