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Kineo e-learning supports Marks & Spencer managers

Marks & Spencer's line managers need training on demand to support and enable them to perform at their best. To make this possible, Kineo and Marks & Spencer have collaborated to create innovative and engaging e-learning with great results, as a new case study now explains.

Marks & Spencer wanted to explore how e-learning could play a role in supporting line managers with HR and people issues. M&S chose Kineo, the leading e-learning company, as their partner in the development of an innovative suite of e-learning for M&S. A new case study, now available on the Kineo website, explains how the partnership has worked and the benefits delivered to M&S.

The detailed case study explains how the Line Management Performance Centre, a line manager portal with a range of focused e-learning modules, delivered on key goals for M&S. The LMPC, which Kineo designed and developed using Moodle, the Open Source LMS, provides on-demand access to line managers on a range of key HR and leadership topics including recruitment, coaching and performance management.

Initial results showed that 96% of learners would recommend this approach to others, and that 90% of business stakeholders believed it was a valuable use of manager's time and will increase productivity.

The M&S learning and development manager driving the solution said: "Kineo's highly flexible approach means that while the e-learning stands alone, we can also take a blended approach if we want to - running workshops and using the e-learning as supporting information. It's also a global solution - our international line managers can access the learning from anywhere, and line managers on the road can access it too, extending our reach as an L&D team." Stephen Walsh, Kineo partner with responsibility for Marks & Spencer said: "This approach shows the benefits that organisations can realise from an innovative and business-driven approach to e-learning that is rooted in close collaboration. The result is a cost-effective means of providing engaging learning on demand. We are proud of the amazing results that the Line Manager Performance Centre and are privileged to collaborate with Marks & Spencer. We look forward to partnering on future e-learning and web solutions to deliver value to the business."

In the coming months Kineo will release further case studies explaining how its rapid approach has brought value to organisations including BP, Google and others.