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Kineo Launches Open Source Services Company

Kineo announced today the launch of a new open source services company Kineo Open Source (

Back in 2005 an ATOS survey found that 60% of businesses were planning to use some form of open source software in their business. Since that survey open source software solutions have been widely adopted across the private, public and education sectors. Companies as large as Cable&Wirleless now use open source website development tools such as Joomla and BT recently announced that it will be offering all of its clients the open source CRM system SugarCRM rather than Siebel. The adoption of popular open source solutions is significant. In education for example, over 60% of FE colleges in the UK use the open source Moodle learning management system. In the US over 25% of small and medium sized businesses also use Moodle.

Open source solutions are now offered by many companies as software as a service (saas) where the supplier configures, hosts and maintains the software for customers. This means companies can adopt open source solutions at low risk and with minimal initial capital investment.

Kineo Open Source will offer all of the most popular open source solutions for website development, customer relationship management and learning including SugarCRM, Moodle and Joomla.

Kineo partner Steve Rayson commented: “Since the very beginning of Kineo we have been passionate advocates of Open Source software and the launch of Kineo Open Source is a very exciting initiative. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to appoint Mark Aberdour as Chief Executive. Mark has extensive experience in open source software and I am confident that under his leadership Kineo Open Source will become a leading provider of professional open source solutions and services.”

Mark Aberdour, CEO of Kineo Open Source commented: “Many organisations have been looking at the potential advantages of open source solutions. Kineo Open Source will offer a range of services that allow organisations both small and large to adopt best in class solutions such as SugarCRM at low cost and low risk with the level of professional support that Kineo is famous for. Organisations can try all of our solutions at no cost for a trial period by going to our website.”

“We also aim to give back to the open source community through free resources, developments and financial contributions as appropriate to the respective communities.”