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Kineo Open Source Acquires Open Source Testing

Kineo Open Source announced today that it has acquired Open Source Testing ( aims to boost the profile of open source testing tools within the testing industry, principally by providing users with an easy to use gateway to information on the wide range of open source testing tools available.

The site was started in March 2003 with what amounted to a personal list of about 50 tools. The ball started rolling quickly and the first month saw 1,500 unique users, a number which has risen steadily over the years to hit 100,000 unique users per month in August 2007. The trend steadily continues ever upwards.

Today the site features over 360 tools in 20 categories, news items aggregated from over 125 RSS feeds, a discussion forum with 800 members, an RSS feed with 35,000 monthly page views, and 100,000 unique users per month from 160 countries.

Mark Aberdour, CEO of Kineo Open Source commented: “We are very pleased to able to bring Open Source Testing into the Kineo Open Source family. Over the coming months we will be widening our support offering to include popular open source testing tools.”

“It’s been a long term aim of mine to develop services to better serve the needs of the testing community so it’s great to be able to finally realise this. Open Source testing will be an important part of Kineo Open Source offering.”

In the coming months Kineo Open Source will issue a wide range of free resources and guides for those considering open source solutions.