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Kineo delivers ‘world-class’ blend and e-learning design for BP

Kineo and BP have partnered to create a comprehensive and engaging blended learning programme for global safety and operations training. The solution, profiled in a new case study released today, demonstrates “world-class design”, in the words of the BP project sponsor.

In 2006, BP embarked on one of its largest global safety and operations training initiatives. The programme, Operating Essentials, driven out of the Health, Safety and Operations team was designed to bring a consistent way for Operations and Maintenance Leaders to manage their part of the operations, wherever they were located in BP’s global business. Kineo led on the overall programme design, and a new case study released today on the Kineo website explains the challenges faced and the results delivered.

Two of Kineo’s Partners, Matt Fox and Mark Harrison, have led the blended learning design and put in place an architecture aimed at providing a flexible and sustainable learning approach which will deliver the highest quality learning wherever the programme is rolled out.

The blend designed by Kineo starts well before learners get involved with a site engagement phase designed to ensure the all the aspects of the programme, e-learning and face to face are positioned to land effectively at the site it is being rolled out at.

The project sponsor at BP said of Kineo’s approach: ““Kineo has brought a lot of rigour and innovation to our design and ensured we’ve got a scalable and sustainable solution that is proven to work for this key population. This is this first time that such a large blended programme has been deployed across BP’s businesses and Kineo has helped us to ensure we have a world-class design to make it successful… It will help raise the bar for how BP conducts safe operations.”

Matt Fox, partner and account manager for BP, said: “We’re proud to collaborate with BP on a project of this scale. The challenge was to work with a hugely diverse audience, yet create a highly personalised and flexible experience. The solution we’ve developed includes workshops, e-learning simulations, practical hands-on exercises and action learning. It’s a truly blended, sustainable solution for BP.”

The case study is available now on Kineo’s website. Kineo is proud to have been shortlisted for e-learning company of the year and rapid e-learning solution of the year for the 2008 E-learning Age Awards.